Thursday, February 05, 2009

A River of Supply

By way of Flowing Data, I discovered the following series of videos put out by the BBC. I'm including my favorite here.

When I watch this, what I see is an unbelievable dance. One that has no master choreographer, no planner, no commander. What I see is people who want food, expressing that want through willingness to pay, and working with people who are willing to provide. And the people who are willing to provide are in competition with each other, so they each try to figure out how to outdo their rivals in delivering more food cheaper. And this is what emerges.

It is amazing to me how much we take for granted the unbelievable complexity of the world that we live in that is governed by no more than people trying to exchange what they have for what they want.

There are other visualizations at this web site. But the above was my favorite.

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Jimazing said...

Very cool. I was especially glad to see on one of the hyperlinks, a reference to Wordle. I had played with it some time ago and printed a wordle picture of Recently I found the wordle that I had printed and I wanted to do another to compare them, but I wasn't able to find it. Now I can complete the circle.

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