Thursday, February 12, 2009

How I read Blogs...

I use google reader, which is shown above. But for the paranoid, there are standalone RSS aggregators, too.


Niffer said...

I'm just starting to use Google Reader. I know you like it and I've heard others say the same, but I'm not impressed with it yet. Maybe it's because I'm tired (Addie woke every 30 minutes the last two nights). Can I set it up so that it just emails me when blogs are updated or do I always have to open google reader itself?

mjh said...

You have two ways around this.

1. Think of google reader like a separate email program but for  blogs. When you want to check blogs you open it instead of email, and it will notify you when there are updates. This is what I do. The advantage of this is that it's available everywhere that there's internet.

2. Depending on what email client you use, you can get tools to make it into an RSS reader as well as an email reader. Here's how you'd do that w/outlook:  Here's how you do it with thunderbird:  The advantage of this is having only one interface for both email & blogs.

Let me know if I can help.

mjh said...

Whoops! Here are the links that should have been pasted into that comment:


mjh said...

Also, if you stick with google reader, let me know. I can send a request to follow you (and vice versa) and then when you share something on google reader, I'll see it, and possibly comment on it.

It's pretty cool

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