Monday, December 06, 2010

Ten Bucks

Have you ever wondered what $10 can buy? Its fairly likely that youre going to spend much more than $10 just today. Heres a few things that I found that you could buy for $10:

Now, of course, in the US, we have a pretty high standard of living. Most Americans will spend $10 on trivial stuff.


At the same time, that same $10 can make a huge difference in another persons life outside the US. Which is why Im writing this. Id like to give you the opportunity to use $10 to help rewrite the stories that some kids are living.

I am going on a missions trip the Philippines as part of a team from my church. Some of the details of this trip can be seen here

Im going for a couple of reasons.

First, my mom is from the Philippines, and Ive been there twice: once when I was 12 and again about 7-8 years ago. These trips have changed my perspective on things. I was exposed to poverty on a level that Id never seen before. It made me appreciate how incredibly wealthy we are in the US.

Second, I read a book called A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller. Ive mentioned this before on my blog, but Ive become convinced that living a good life means doing things that are hard that serve a good purpose. The International Justice Mission is working with My Refuge House to build a facility in Cebu, Philippines that will act as a safe place for women and children to escape from sex trafficking.

Initially, I just assumed that I would fund this entire trip myself. It was something that I thought Id do as a way to share with kids who are in a situation that I can barely imagine. And up to this point, I have funded all of it. But then it struck me that if one of my friends were doing something like this, that I would love to get involved. In fact, Ive done this exact thing before. I couldn't participate by going, but I could participate by helping fund them. So maybe, I should let my friends know that Im doing this. Maybe this is something youd react to like I did. Not like youre obligated to help, but that youd be disappointed if you didnt get the chance to help.

So thats what Im doing. This is your opportunity to join with me on this trip. To help by using a tiny bit of our wealth to change these kids stories.

And let me make this perfectly clear: I will fund this entire trip on my own. But if you feel moved to help, I wont turn you away. Just click on the paypal link below. Im recommending a $10 donation. Of course, if you wish to donate more, youre welcome to do so.

Now, no matter what happens, I am funding the majority of this trip out of my own pocket. If, by some miracle, I find myself with donations in excess of $1000, the excess will go to other members of the team to help them fund their trips. Additionally, I will be creating a facebook group that people who donate will get access to see. I will (apparently) have internet access while in the Philippines, so I can post pictures and video pretty quickly.

For those of you that are moved to help, thank you!