Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Instructions from wife: Please go check on child #3. I asked him to wake up a while ago, and he's not down here.

Child #3 is 5 years old and in kindergarten. I went upstairs to his room. He was awake and sitting in the middle of his unmade bed in his PJ's. I stood there for a second thinking that my mere arrival would motivate him to move. (Yes, I am egotistical.) Realizing that I had less of an imposing presence than I had hoped for, I resorted to conversation:
mjh: Hey. I see you're still in your PJ's.

#3: [Shrugs]

mjh: You don't think we'd let you go to school in your pajamas do you?

#3: [Shaking head] No!

mjh: Actually, son, that's wrong. We'd be happy to let you go in your pajamas. How would you feel about going that way?
He thought for a second. Then his eyes got wide and he started getting dressed.

Score one point to daddy.


Niffer said...

Go Daddy! I get a kick out of how you seem to be the type of parent that was taken directly from Love and Logic. It's like you morphed into existence from the book. My mother would be proud of you. =)

mjh said...

Only on my good days. Of course, the fact that I find my good moments notable enough to blog about them should tell give you a relative indication of how frequent the good days are in comparison to the not so good days.

On my bad days, I am the drill sergeant that is so correctly ridiculed by L&L. But from time to time I have a moment. One that's worth celebrating w/a blog entry. Yea, success!

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