Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A picture of my words...

Caleb Crain linked to Wordle. I ran my blog through it and came up with this:

Update:I like this one. It looks kinda like a gun, or (possibly) more appropriately a phaser. In any case, I kinda like the idea of my words being a weapon, even though, I don't really think of them that way.

Update #2: I was looking at some of the previous Wordle's in the gallery, and I ran some friend's blogs through the system. I can't ever show my wife my blog, or this wordle. She's not mentioned... at all. Of course, in my defense, I try very hard not to publish any identifying information about either my wife or my kids... or me for that matter. For example, I frequently refer to my children as "oldest", "youngest", "#2", etc. I see that I mentioned my wife's name in only one post. Got to clean that up.

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