Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How To Link Calendars across Pre

Someone on twitter asked me how to share calendars between two Palm Pre phones. As I have one of these phones and I know (I think) that I can do it, here are some instructions:
  1. Create a google calendar account for each phone. This can be done here
  2. Go into each google account, and share that account with the other one
    1. Login to http://calendar.google.com
    2. Under "My calendars" on the left hand side, click the menu for your calendar, then choose "Share this calendar"
    3. In the screen that comes up, under "Share with specific people" add the email address of the other gmail account that you created.
  3. Connect each Pre to it's google calendar account. Do this by:
    1. Open calendar app on Pre
    2. Tap on "Calendar" menu
    3. Tap on "Preferences & Accounts"
    4. Tap on "Add An Account" (at the bottom)
    5. Enter the appropriate information to add the google account that you created
After doing this, both Palm Pre's should have read/write access to their own calendar, and read access to the other calendar.


Toni-Lynn said...

Thanks for the help! Very sweet of you to blog it for me :)


mjh said...

Wasn't trying to be sweet. Just couldn't think of any other way to get this much information posted. It wasn't going to fit in a tweet.

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