Friday, January 12, 2007


I love this post which I will quote in it's entirety here:
Sure, if the FCC isn't toothless, then it has the power to do much good for us. No argument there, but I think the old maxim still applies with regard to government authority: "Only relinquish power to your friends that you would not fear in the hands of your enemies."

Put another way, give the FCC as much power as you'd let a Sony exectutive have in setting technology mandates, because one day the Sony executive will be pulling the strings of the FCC's processes.

I like it because:
  1. It's concise
  2. It's easy to understand
  3. It's correct
  4. It's a nice refutation to statists
  5. It's something the statists will tend to agree with
Great post. Wish I had mod points.

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